Frank F. Kowalkowski,
Knowledge Consultants Inc.

Strategic architecture focuses on the response to the business ecosystem and landscape that management proposes usually embodied in the strategic plan. Based on a series of decisions making efforts that identify the outcomes of interest. Management also determines the desired direction and set of change initiatives that direct the operation of the organization that achieve those outcomes. A key part of determining value based outcomes is the use of decision structures such as influence diagrams including decision trees that identify potential benefits. These outcomes are linked into the strategic architecture. Liking them to the architecture identifies the related business capabilities, value streams and other components needed for success. This presentation illustrates the strategic linkage between the external ecosystem and the decision making techniques that provide the ranking of outcome value.

Frank KowalkowskiFrank Kowalkowski is President of Knowledge Consultants, Inc., and frequent conference speaker. His firm focuses on business performance, business/IT architecture and business analytical techniques. He has over 30 years of management and consulting experience in a wide variety of industries. He has been involved with many projects including business anal- ysis, process management, business performance measure- ment, business and competitive intelligence and knowledge management. He is the author of a 1996 book on Enterprise Analysis (Prentice – Hall, ISBN 0-13-282-3365) and numerous papers. Frank is currently working on a both a BPM book for managers and a new edition of the enterprise analysis book. His most recent publication is a chapter on process analytics in the book Passports to Success in BPM published in 2014.