There is a huge shift going forward, which is that everybody wants systems that are smarter, everybody wants systems that are more predictive, everybody wants everything scored, everybody wants to understand what’s the next best offer, next best opportunity, how to make things a little bit more efficient. Delivering the next level competitive advantage for Genpact, we are adding Cognitive Operations and Neural Chat capabilities to our Lean Digital Architecture. This puts Genpact on the path to radically accelerate the digital disruption we are bringing to our contact centers and drive disruptive business perfor- mance. The Genpact Lean Digital Architecture is the evolution of our innovative Cloud-based solution combining People, Process, Information, and Technology. This solution has a strong foundation starting in 2011, with proven value through our evolutionary journey to the launch of our Lean Digital approach in September 2015. We have already seen significant ROI driving the by leveraging innovative Cloud, Digital, and Lean best.

We are now piloting the smartest assistant in our contact center, or the smartest knowledge worker in the middle and back office and giving them access to digital technologies, including cognitive, analytics, and natural language queries to do their job. We are taking this highly repetitive and predictable work away from the contact center agent and pushing this off to self-service, via a “chatbot” and only allowing the higher cognitive work to come through to the human who collaborates with the digital virtual assistant to deliver their job with excellence. We believe that combining Machine Learning and IoT with Human Best Practices (M2M2H) will be the next wave of innovation to propel the efficiencies and effectiveness in the Digital Age.

Karthikeyan MurugesanKarthikeyan (Karthik) is the Vice President –Digital for Genpact leading its IoT, Data Science and Big data globally. He is an innovative visionary, and “Hands-On” digital leader respected for strategic acumen, technical strategies and building operations. Karthik as more than 25 years of experience in design, development, implementation and maintenance of commercial application software systems. Some of his past engagements include, Advisor to CIO Federal Gov, Consulting Partner and Global head of Data science at TCS, Specialist Leader Data Science and Big data at Deloitte, and Enterprise Architect at Bank of New York Mellon. Karthik has several publications in international journals, and is the current chairman of Industrial internet consortium for UC Task Group.