Christine Robinson
Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, and Security Strategies for Human Services, Finance And Law Enforcement Agencies

Christine will discuss causes of and how to overcome the pitfalls that led up to breaches such as those that impacted Ashley Madison, 100 banks, the White House, and T-Mobile. Her stories and lessons learned have evolved from years of experience applying enterprise architecture, business architecture, and security in finance, human services, law enforcement, and other areas. Her philosophy and techniques have led organizations to emerge from paper-based environments and stove-piped systems to business process driven solutions. Then, organizations could understand and create order to visualize their future and follow a path to get there. Her case management approach for security clearance and other security related process will provide background for others to adopt. Her efforts have led agencies out of disarray toward efficiency and flexibility through modernizing business processes, business rules, data requirements, and security.

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Christine Robinson Christine’s place as an industry leader and her career accomplishments have led many in industry and government to seek her expertise on business and technology transformation. She has interviewed on national news and other television media about security and cyber security. She has also co-produced and created programming for eucational television. Some dubbed her a futurist, beginning with her first publication by the World Future Society. Her published works available worldwide focus on cyber security, emergency preparedness, social evolution, and environmental sustainability. With her leadership, government agencies in finance, law enforcement, nation-wide health and human services, and other areas have progressed their modernization efforts. Her case management approach to solve complex problems breaks down barriers to change. She currently leads the security practice for T. White Parker, a strategy and management company headquartered in Sterling, VA.