David Webber

This session examines the challenges and lessons learned along with the tools and methodologies that exist including open source and open public standards resources. The software delivery focus is on creating a robust and predictable information and semantic foundation that enables reliable and rapid business application delivery. The marketplace pressure is to develop applications in increasingly shorter time frames. Specific approaches such as NIEM will be discussed and actual implementation examples presented. The core challenge is understanding precisely what “Information Interoperability” means today.

David WebberDavid Webber is an industry recognized practitioner and author on BPM and Information Integration. David manages an open source project for information exchange automation and works on a variety of open standards initiatives. He developed one of the first BPMN visual editors and David holds two US Software Patents for XML and EDI processing that are cited by over 35 industry patents. David is a Senior Member of the ACM since 2007, and is the DHS appointed industry representative to the NIEM Technical Architect Committee (NTAC). In 2014 PESC gave him a Distinguished Service Award for work on aligning information standards in Education. David holds a degree in Physics with Computing from the University of Kent at Canterbury. David works tirelessly on simplifying solution delivery tools to minimize the gap between business requirements and logical representations that are directly machine processable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Webber