Dr. Jacob Feldman
OpenRules, Inc.

Traditional business decision models created in the DMN recommended style are usually expected to produce one output decision for any feasible input. In real-world applications such as product configuration, pricing, scheduling and resource allocation, it is not realistic to force a decision model to cover ALL possible combinations of decision variables. As a result, a decision model is not complete and may produce multiple decisions for the same input.


In this presentation we will demonstrate a graphical interface called “OpenRules What-If Analyzer” that is capable to download a decision model, interactively activate or deactivate some rules, and produce alternative decisions. More than that, if the decision model defines a business objective that depends on yet unknown decision variables, the underlying decision optimization engine may find a decision that minimizes or maximizes this business objective.

Jacob FeldmanDr. Jacob Feldman is CTO of OpenRules, a NJ corporation that created and maintains the highly popular Open Source Business Rules and Decision Management System commonly known as “OpenRules”. He has extensive experience in development and support of decisioning software using business rules, optimization and machine learning technologies for real-world, mission-critical applications. He is a frequent presenter at the major business rules and decision management forums. Jacob is also a Specification Lead for the JCP standard JSR331.