Ronald G Ross
Business Rule Solutions

Traditional process models tend to ‘bake’ business rules into the flow, but those rules will change. ‘Baked in’ rules reduce agility. Using a simple case study, this session shows you how to externalize business rules and avoid that trap.

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In a knowledge economy, more and more of the problems and opportunities lie on the smart side of processes – not mindless, routine work – but the parts that require delibera- tion. So these days business processes must effectively ad- dress decisions. It turns out that a decision perspective offers valuable insights for how to improve the quality of business processes and dramatically enhance customer experience. A step-by-step, business-oriented case study illustrates.

Finally, what’s the true relationship between business rules and decisions? Does one supplant the other? Do the spaces overlap? This session offers insights.

  • Modeling processes more effectively using business rules.
  • How business-driven decision engineering should be
  • conducted.
  • How you should view emerging techniques.

Ron RossRonald G. Ross is Principal and Co-Founder of Business Rule Solutions, LLC (BRS), where he actively develops and applies the BRS methodology including RuleSpeak®, DecisionSpeakTM, and ConceptSpeakTM. Ron consults to companies worldwide through BRS. Ron is recognized internationally as the “father of business rules.” He is the author of ten professional books including the groundbreaking first book on business rules The Business Rule Book in 1994. His newest are: Building Business Solutions: Business Analysis with Business Rules (2nd ed, 2015) with Gladys S.W. Lam and Business Rule Con- cepts: Getting to the Point of Knowledge (4th ed, 2013). Ron serves as Executive Editor of and its flag- ship publication, Business Rules Journal. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences world-wide. More than 50,000 people have heard him speak; many more have attended his seminars and read his books. Ron has served as Chair of the annual International Business Rules & Decisions Forum confer- ence since 1997, now part of the Building Business Capability (BBC) conference. He was a charter member of the Business Rules Group (BRG) in the 1980s, and an editor of its Business Motivation Model (BMM) standard and the Business Rules Manifesto. He is active in OMG standards development, with core involvement in SBVR. He was also a contributor to the IIBA’s BABOK v3. Ron holds a BA from Rice University and an MS in information science from Illinois Institute of Technolo- gy. For more information about Mr. Ross, visit www.RonRoss. info, which hosts his blog.