Amit Mitra
Mind Alliance Systems

Amit MitraThis session will explore methods and techniques for supporting customer focused innovation in a business ecology with a new knowledge management paradigm. Amit Mitra is a Business Architecture Advisor in Mind Alliance Systems. Prior to joining Mind Alliance, as a Senior VP at Freedom Mortgage he created the Business Architecture Unit, in Freedom Mortgageā€™s Business Innovation Group. Amit has also served as a Senior Manager in the TCS Global Consulting Practice, director of architecture at Verizon, and chief methodologist at AIG, where he also assisted in creating an enterprise-wide architecture organization. A six sigma black belt, Amit is the author of several groundbreaking books and papers on Knowledge Management and process improvement to support business agility and innovation. His work has formed the basis for courses in UCSD, University of Arizona, and PACE University, where has taught as visiting faculty. His work describes a conceptual foundation a new, ontology based computing paradigm, that manipulates meanings in order to federate businesses and design self-aware processes that can adapt by reasoning about themselves.