E. Scott Menter
BP Logix, Inc.

In case you missed the meeting, let me give you a hint as to what your employer’s shareholders are asking the board, what the board is asking your CEO, and, by extension, what your boss will be asking of you: How do we not end up like Borders, the Yellow Pages, or the second most widely read newspaper in any city in the world? Who will be the next Uber, Google, or Amazon, and, by the way, why isn’t it us?

Might be a good idea to start working on the answer. In this session, we will examine the fundamental role that a unified case management / traditional BPM strategy can play in your company’s digital transformation. We’ll discuss current examples of this approach, and share ideas about framing this in a way that will enable you to guide your senior leadership team on their quest for digital domination (transforming you into a trusted and indispensable resource along the way).

E. Scott MenterScott Menter is VP Business Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer of BP Logix, Inc. His long, LONG career, includes technology leadership positions at such diverse organizations as Sun Microsystems, Lehman Brothers, the University of California, Irvine, and WaMu Investments. He also spent over a decade at the helm of his own software and services venture, focused on systems administration, identity management, and process automation.

As a member of the senior management team for BP Logix, Scott is responsible for product strategy and technology partnerships. He wakes up each morning with a smile, because every day he gets to learn something new about another business, another technology, or another person. And then he gets to apply that new knowledge towards creating products that make people more successful. How fun is that!