Michael G. Miller
HSBC Global Finance

Business Architecture is emerging from its origin as part of Information Technology Architecture to a digital communication medium to rapidly respond to disruptive change in our new digital world. This architecture is emerging from its ‘interior architecture’ focus to an ‘exterior architecture’ focus; a business focus that responds instantly to digital customers and their social influencers. This will be accomplished by moving from a 360 degree view of customer to a 720 degree customer view. A view that not only understands the customer (360 degree view), but of those that influence the customer (720 degree view).

Business Architecture must now answer…

  • What do our customers and their social influencers expect of us today?
  • What will our customers and their social influencers expect of us tomorrow?
  • What will our customers and social influencers need from us in the future (5 years, 10 years, etc.)?

And it must answer these instantaneously with every new digital change that occurs.

Business Architecture will be a digital communication vehicle to promote a collective understanding of the business, its products and services, and provide a common corporate language of exactly what the business is doing now, today - this minute, and what it will do tomorrow to all concerned parties - investors, employees, customers, suppliers and regulators. This session will discuss how the expectations of a digital world can be satisfied with this digital business architecture.

Michael G. MillerMichael G. Miller is an independent consultant, formerly a Senior Consultant – Enterprise Architect for HSBC Global Finance IT Architecture team. He has responsibilities for architecture guidance of Global Finance projects. Mr. Miller has over 35 years of IT experience in banking, securities and insurance starting in his career computer operations, programming and systems design, and then moving on to consulting roles in enterprise architecture and business intelligence. Michael’s previous consulting roles include National Director of Enterprise Architecture and Business Intelligence, Executive Consultant CRM COE, and Principal - Management Consultant. He also teaches a class in Strategic Business Intelligence Implementation for George Washington University in Dubai, UAE. He holds a BBA and four master degrees (MBA, MPM, MTM, & MISM) and has done over two years of doctoral work in Knowledge Management. He is a board member of the Data Management Association – Chicago Chapter, a Certified LEAN Six Sigma Yellow Belt (ISCEA), a Certified Business Process Management Professional (ABPMP) and a Certified TOGAF Enterprise Architect.