Perr&Knight’s Insurance Technology Group

In their quest to compete in an ever-changing business climate, today’s organizations must look well beyond traditional management tools for sustainable competitive advantage. Innovative approaches to operations demand a solid foundation, without which attempts to build anything worthwhile ‘above ground’ are futile. A strong wind – a competitive threat, a new regulation, a down market – can take the whole structure down in an instant. Attempts at operational excellence can be quickly buried in the rubble. By providing a systematic means to prioritize, assess and improve operations, Business Process Management (BPM) is an emerging discipline that secures the organization’s foundation; productivity, efficiency, agility, quality, compliance and employee engagement become the bricks and mortar that result. In this engaging presentation, Rob Berg, director of Perr&Knight’s Insurance Technology Group presents an easily accessible framework using an innovative suite of tools that turn BPM theory into practice – arming you with critical insights that, when properly applied, support your own quest for sustainable competitive advantage.

Rob BergRob Berg is a Principal and Director of Perr & Knight’s Insurance Technology Group. As a consulting practice leader, Rob has designed business process improvements yielding more than $100 million in cost savings. His work involves planning and executing major operational change initiatives, identifying and planning enterprise-class system deployments, and providing analysis in support of major capital investment decisions. Recent projects have included a state-mandated operational assessment of the nation’s third largest property insurer and redesigning critical operational processes at the nation’s largest municipal risk pool. In addition, he’s served as an expert witness and provided technical diligence on behalf of several private equity firms.

Rob holds a BA in Economics from Stony Brook University and an MS in Management and Leadership from Western Governors University, as well as professional credentials from the American Society for Quality (Six Sigma Black Belt) and Stanford University (Stanford Certified Project Manager).