Larry Goldberg

Larry Goldberg, Sapiens DECISION evangelist and coauthor of The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework linking Business and Technology (Taylor & Francis, 2009), will lead a discussion on adopting Decision Management and how business logic, as it relates to the discovery, validation and management, can be utilized as a reusable corporate asset.

Join Larry as he shows you why the traditional business rules approach is impeding efficiency, and ultimately the bottom line. His demonstration will reveal how Decision Management can simplify the process and empower your company to make changes on demand.

Larry GoldbergLarry Goldberg is an evangelist for Sapiens DECISION, and as a member of the senior management team is responsible for all products in the Sapiens Decision company. He was Co-founder and Managing Partner of Knowledge Partners International LLC, acquired by Sapiens Decision, and has over forty years of experience in building technology based companies on four continents. Commercial applications in which he played a primary architectural role include such diverse domains as banking, healthcare, supply chain, property & casualty insurance, and enterprise modeling tools. He has been the business lead and/or business sponsor on many major projects in both the public and private sector, and is a trusted adviser to senior executives from major corporations. Larry is a leading international authority on business requirements, and is the co-author of the best-selling book “The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology” (Auerbach, New York 2009).