Workshop Leader: Daniel C. Morris

The Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP®) designation is the most prestigious globally accepted certification for BPM professionals. Based on its recognition, the CBPP has set the standard by which individuals demonstrate their competency and professionalism in the knowledge areas of this field. This workshop provides broad overview of BPM and BPMS enabled BPM as preparation for the CBPP exam, covering project setup, current state modeling/analysis/IT support evaluation/problem definition/rules identification and definition.

Key Learning Points

  1. Key concepts to align to the ABPMP CoE
  2. Discussions on the basics in each test area
  3. Key practitioner’s concepts, approaches, techniques
  4. Shared experiences and examples

Course Outline

  1. ABPMP overview
  2. What is BPM?
  3. Business operation modeling
  4. Process Analysis
  5. Process Design
  6. Performance Management
  7. Process Transformation
  1. The Process Organization
  2. Enterprise Process Management
  3. BPMS technology
  4. Evaluating your capability maturity
  5. Becoming and staying relevant in your company
  6. BPM CoE and the evolution of BPM in your company

Dan MorrisDaniel C. Morris is Managing Principal with Wendan, Inc. the creator of the ADDI BPMS project methodology, and a member of the Forrester BPM Council and the ABPMP Board. He has over 25 years experience selling and delivering support for business transformation, IT department management and improvement, IT strategy and planning, business operation improvement, and aggressive cost reduction to hospitals and healthcare insurance companies has given me a unique understanding of the problems facing both the technical and business sides of operations. Dan has been a CIO; a Senior Principal and an Executive Consultant. Of this experience over 20 years has been focused on Business Process and IT Department transformation in healthcare, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, and other industries leading both onshore and offshore teams. He has published several papers and 4 leading texts on BPM.

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