Workshop Leader, Frank Kowalkowski,
President, Knowledge Consultants, Inc.

This full day (6 hour) workshop covers a description of each type of process architecture and their linkages. It includes several analysis techniques that use the components of the architecture to assess impact of change. A laptop is that permits loading software is recommended for this workshop. This workshop is for business analysts and architects, planners, process analysts, operational analysts and managers that are involved with business transformation.

Topics Covered and Exercises

  • Section 1: Introduction to the 4 Architecture Approach - Analytics and architectures, External perspective (XA), Analyzing the business environment, Outcomes and deliverables from the external architecture. Includes an exercise on framing the external environment.
  • Section 2: Strategic Business Architecture (SBA) - Elements of the Strategic Business Architecture, Analytics, How to get the outputs of the SBA, Assessing the results and Setting business direction. Hands- on exercise: Linking the external and strategic business architectures.
  • Section 3: Business Architecture (BA) - Key components of the architecture, How to analyze the architecture itself, How to identify outputs of the BA, and Using the impact analysis technique. Includes an exercise on linking strategic business and business architectures.
  • Section 4: Enterprise Architecture (EA) - Enterprise architecture vs. the IT part of the business, Integrating BPM into the IT view and common issues, Expected outputs. Discussion – Linking Business and Enterprise Architectures

Frank Kowalkowski Frank Kowalkowski is President and CEO of Knowledge Consultants, Inc. He has over 30 years of management and consulting experience in manufacturing, distribution, banking, insurance and financial services as well as the public sector. He has been involved with wide range of projects that include business analysis, process management, e-commerce, business performance measurement, business and competitive intelligence, knowledge management, and supply chain management. In addition to being a keynote speaker at international conferences as well as a conference chair, he has written numerous papers and spoken at conferences on a variety of subjects such as business performance management, technology forecasting, management disciplines, process analytics and management and various aspect of enterprise analysis. He is the author of a 1996 book on Enterprise Analysis (Prentice – Hall, ISBN 0-13-282-3365) and over 70 papers.