Organic Business Architecture and its Mission in the Business Organization

Organic Business Architecture and its Mission

Frank Kowalkowski has boosted a very important and difficult to many theme: “How many times have we heard management ask what value is there in all this architecture/blueprint stuff?” His following questions are based on the perception of the first one and they are: “What can you do for us in the next few months? We don’t have time for a two (2) year project? Are there any quick fixes or low hanging fruit that architecture can give me? Can you save me any money on this effort?” Let me try to answer these questions for you.

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SOA on a Rescue Mission to Business Architecture

SOA on a Rescue

What? SOA? What is this? - Well, we are not sure, but it’s something in IT and it has not a good reputation. How do you know about this? – Some developers said it from their past experience… I recall one consulting engagement where I spent about 80% of my (paid) time on finding the ‘right person’ to ask a question; though even this did not help sometimes.

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Where the Strategic Business Solutions come from?


A wise company has posted: “The first step in finding better solutions is to start asking better questionsTM”. Indeed, business solutions sound like an outcome of a proboblem solving process in business.

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